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Web Servers located at VSNL data-center located in New Delhi 344 Mbps Fiber Optic backbone

World class infrastructure

Security, server monitoring ...

100% server resources dedicated to you

Why dedicated Servers?
Being in the industry for as long as we have been, we are aware that a lot of companies are now opting for dedicated servers due to

  • Easy management
  • Full control
  • Better uptime:  An inadequately written application being run by “another company” on a SHARED server can cause the machine be slow down or even crash. Your own server means, it runs only your SW!!
  • Customized configuration at ‘root’ level – Install whatever you want !
  • 100% resources:  All the CPU power, RAM, HDD is dedicated to you only resulting in much better speed.
  • Data security reasons

So far having a dedicated server was a very costly affair and something not easily available, but we are now offering very cost effective dedicated Servers.

These are managed servers, both in terms of hardware & operating software. We will setup the server for you, using quality hardware & the most recent versions of the operating systems, we will then maintain these machines in terms of the hardware problems (this includes the routine maintenance & also the repair/ replacement of problematic components, if any) & also the problems relating to the operating system.

But even with the hardware & operating system being handled by us, you are the one who is in actual day-to-day control of the server; you can install specific software that is something not possible with shared servers. Basically you can configure & use the machine in whichever way you want.

Linux servers - Quick comparison
  Super Economy Server Professional Server Power Server

Corporate Server (ISP series)

CPU P-III / 800 MHz P-III / 1 GHz Dual P-III / 1GHz x 2 Dual XEON 1GHz x 2
RAM 256 MB 256 MB 512 MB 1 GB
HDD 2 na na 18 GB SCSI 18 GB SCSI
HDD 3 na na na IDE (40 GB)
Monthly charges (Rs.) 12,900 18,958 26,292 34,417
To place order please write to sales@biznetindia.com 
Hardware upgrade

  • Additional 256 MB RAM @ Rs. 1,000 per month extra
  • Additional SCSI 18 GB @ Rs. 2,500 per month extra
  • Additional IDE 40 GB disk @ Rs. 1,500 per month extra
  • All servers allow you full admin access and come with latest service packs, major patches as available at the time of installation. All dual cpu servers also have anti-virus and mail server pre installed.
Software Supported
All servers come with the following Software pre-installed:
  • RedHat Linux
  • Our own Control Panel SW for creating and managing resellers/domains/Mail (Optional)
  • Sendmail with Berkely NewDB (btree, hash support)
  • Apache with 128 bit SSL
  • Tomcat
  • Java Servlet support
  • JSP support
  • Webalizer
  • Perl
  • Procmail
  • FTP
  • Traceroute
  • Open LDAP with SendMail, POP3 and Apache enabling
  • PHP
  • PHP-MySQL Admin
  • Server Monitoring with Alerts
Optional Software:
  • Others (as per customer's choice)

* All packages include hardware, OS Software, connectivity and general tech support.

** Additional Data transfer is charged per GB per month

*** All prices and configurations are subject to change without prior notice and are dependent on HW availability.

**** Additional tech support @ Rs. 1000 per hr. or on case to case basis.

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